Wooden floor cleaning, sealing waxing and maintenance

Our local team offers the best services when it comes to
  • cleaning, restoration, polishing, sanding and sealing waxing.

The wooden floor is a beautiful part of every stylish home . It brings warmth and comfort. But it is a little bit difficult to maintain. And also every single type of wood flooring needs completely different cleaning technique. It depends on whether it is waxed or oiled, or if it has a polyurethane coating. The right maintenance could prolong the wooden floor’s life. Sometimes sawdust is used to absorb the liquids, not to prevent them being split. 

Wooden floor cleaning

Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U you make the perfect choice, because out cleaning teams are fully trained in cleaning and restoring all types of wooden flooring. They will show you their best when it comes to wooden floor cleaning. First they will analyze and choose the best cleaning technique and machinery to use on your flooring. After that they will use the most professional cleaning machinery. After that they could make you a special and unique program to maintenance. And if it is one-off cleaning they will give their best to make you happy and satisfied from the final result. If you have some special requests, our professional cleaning teams will make fulfill them with pleasure. End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U is always paying attention to the details and try to leave only the best impression in our clients. We know that every wooden floor has its special cleaning requirements, so we are totally prepared to give the best when it comes to wooden floor cleaning.

And if you have some notes, our cleaning team will be back in the next 48 hours to fulfill your requests. 

A Personalised wood floor cleaning service

End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U is wood floor sanding and cleaning company and polishing Services. Your wooden floors will be cleaned and refinished to fulfill your special requirements, desires and requests. And it will be pleasure to work for you and make you part of our satisfied clients.

Wood floor polishing

Many people think they maintain their wooden flooring the right way. But every single type of wood needs special cares. So if you think it is time for professional help, we are the right company that will provide you cleaning and polishing services, because we are the best company to your wood flooring.

Our Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U is a 100% top quality wood floor polishing services. We offer full list of cleaning and polishing services, free consultations and quotations and we offer credit crunch prices, to suit all budgets. Our professional cleaning teams are fully trained and will manage with all type of wood flooring to achieve the best results of clean and polished wood floor.

End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U offer the following wood floor cleaning services:

Floorboard cleaning, polishing, restoration and repair of Floorboards

We have many years experience in Floorboard cleaning and sealing waxing. So if you are looking for a quality floorboard cleaning company, contact us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U cleaners are fully licensed and insured so you won't have to worry at all.

Don't put it off any longer, please get in touch with one of our Local Specialists in Hard Floor and Restoration on 0800 1123430 or via our booking form 24/7 and get the best of the best when it comes to Hard Floor Cleaning and Restoration as a Specialist Floor Cleaning Service for Business .

Thanks for the spotless work and professionalism.

Tim Steward, Horsham, 12/08/2005
I didn't expect to find my flat so clean and tidy! Monica, was excellent!

Brenda Cronin,, 08/06/2006
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