Tile terracotta cleaning, polishing and seal

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End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U has 12 years experience in stone, tile and grout restoration and treatment. Our professional cleaners are fully trained to clean every type of stone and tile. They are able to clean floors, walls, features, interior and exterior surfaces, domestic and commercial environments. You know how hard it is to clean stains on stones and tiles, but End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U could restore any kind of damage or deterioration, including staining, fading, etching, scratches and wear marks.

Ceramic tile floor cleaning and polishing

Ceramic tile is really widespread and preferred material. It is really strong, durable and not so expensive. From the other hand the result is really beautiful and comfortable home. But we also know that it is a little bit hard to maintain them. Our fully trained professionals will choose the right method to restore and clean your ceramic tiles. They will combine emulsification, pressure and vacuum and the result will be visible.

Terracotta tile floor sealing

After 12 years experience, we highly recommend to seal your tiles after cleaning and polishing them. This will prolong their life and make them more stain resistant and easy to maintain. 

But before applying seal product on the tiles, End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U teams have to remove the existing floor finish. They will use special techniques and chemicals to remove it. After that they will collect the dissolved seal and dirt with professional machinery that scrubs, dries and vacuums the terracotta tiles. Then it is time to leave the tiles to dry, before applying 2 or 3 coats of special terracotta floor tile seal.

Terrazzo tile floor restoration

terracotta  tiles  cleaning  polishing  seal For End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U teams there are no impossible tasks. We can fix and restore any type of stone and tile problems. Our professional cleaners are fully trained to analyse problems, test and prove results, and after that provide detailed written quotations for all types of work. End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U could restore and revive quarry floors, even if everyone thinks this is impossible.

Quarry tiles cleaning and restoration

Quarry tiles are just a little bit thinner and less porous than the terracotta tiles. So they need really special cares.

The foot traffic could cover your beautiful and expensive tiles with stains, ground grime and dirt. End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U use special methods to restore your quarry tile floor. But we highly recommend you to clean your flooring once or twice a year, and you are going to prolong their life. Our  professional cleaners could make a special program for their regular restoration, seal and maintenance. And after all, the quarry tiles need seal, too.

End of Tenancy Cleaning 4U specialists are fully licensed and insured so you won't have to worry at all.

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Thank you so much. My house is shining again.

Debby Jackson, Southampton, 22/08/2006
The cleaners did a very good job yesterday. I look forward to see them again next month.

Betty Green, Slough, 19/04/2007
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